Our Approach


How we evaluate opportunities

Apex's investment approach emphasizes a disciplined and careful evaluation of each business opportunity, taking into account the following criteria:

Market - We seek opportunities that address large and/or rapidly growing markets with real, unmet or under-served customer needs.

Team - The single most important factor in the success of a start up or a high growth business is the quality of the entrepreneur(s) and executive team.

Product or Service - We look for proprietary and/or differentiated products or services that are capable of effecting technological innovations or business transformations that create significant value for the end customers.

Business Model - A successful company will not only create customer value, but will also have a well thought-out business design that allows the company to capture and protect a significant portion of the value created.

How we work with companies

We believe the real work begins after an investment is made. Each member of the Apex team brings extensive industry, operating, and investment experience to the firm's role as an active investor/partner. We works closely with the entrepreneurs to develop a sound business strategy, build an effective organization, and implement a scaleable operating infrastructure to achieve business success. Apex serves (or have served) on the boards of more than 75 percent of its portfolio companies.

Typical Apex role includes:

  • Assistance in product, marketing, and sales strategy development

  • Assistance in recruitment and organization development

  • Assistance in competitive assessment and business model design

  • Introduction to technology partners

  • Introduction to potential customers or distribution partners

  • Planning, coordination, and origination of subsequent financings

  • Exit planning and execution